Knauf Insulation in Wien ausgezeichnet
Global Insulation Company 2018
Erstellt von Julia Csaki am 18. Oktober 2018

Am 25. September kürte die Annual Global Insulation Conference in Wien Knauf Insulation zur „Global Insulation Company of the Year“. Wir haben diese prestigeträchtige Auszeichnung zum zweiten Mal gewonnen. Dies ist eine Anerkennung für unser Engagement und die Entwicklung im Bereich innovativer Dämmlösungen.

The award was presented at the 13th annual Global Insulation Conference which brought together 160 delegates from the world’s leading companies to discuss the latest industry trends, news and research.

In 2009 we were awarded Global Insulation Product of the Year Award for our revolutionary ECOSE Technology.

Tribute to hard work

Our CEO Jean-Claude Carlin said: “These awards are an incredible tribute to the hard work of everyone at Knauf Insulation especially in the light of such quality competition.”

Companies represented at this year’s event included Rockwool, Saint-Gobain, URSA Insulation, Covestro, BASF, Owens Corning and Johns Manville and TechnoNICOL.

Mr Carlin added: “Being awarded Global Insulation Company of the Year 2018 recognises our commitment to creating solutions to challenges facing customers, colleagues and the planet. This is an award that shows we care — something we should all be proud of.”



Growing European Market

Energy efficiency, environmental impact and climate change as well as new trends, research and developments were all on the agenda at the annual two-day conference held in Vienna.

Among the news highlights, delegates heard how the European insulation market was growing faster than construction; that payback in industry was even higher than in residential buildings.

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